Why You Should Hire Me

You have a lot of choices when it comes to hiring.
Here's why I'm a good investment.

I'll take your business as seriously as I take my own. I work hard to build my business and I trust you do the same. As my client, the work I do for you will benefit from the same integrity and attention to detail that I apply to my own work.

Hire me once, and you'll probably hire me again. Half of the companies that have engaged my services have done so multiple times. The record holder is Glaxo/Glaxo Wellcome/GlaxoSmithKline which hired me for 7 different contracts.

My costs are low, so I can offer lower rates. I'm my only employee, so my business has very little overhead. In addition, I live in North Carolina which has the 19th lowest cost of living of all 50 states. If I lived in California or New York, I'd have to charge 40% more just to keep up. Instead, I offer a very competitive, high quality service for less.

I have a professional, dedicated workspace. I've worked out of my home for years. The workspace I've evolved is my space (not shared) and is more comfortable and productive than many I've inhabited in the corporate world.

I keep excellent backups. Just because I work from home is no reason to skimp on infrastructure. My backups meet or exceed each aspect of the 3-2-1 backup strategy

  • Hourly differential backups
  • Weekly full backups to rotated media
  • Different media for the hourly and weekly backups
  • At least one full backup offsite at all times
  • All backups on media that I own and manage (not "the cloud")
  • Each backup encrypted with a unique, long, random password
  • All backup passwords stored on a sheet of paper in a bank vault for disaster recovery